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what Is LIFE?

I really haven’t posted anything.
well everything seems like its just been a faze. people have changed in such a short time, as well you hear the most dreadful news about someone you were once closed to. DECISIONS and LIE’s that have been told to get out of the way of truth and we always tend to forget the morality of reality, also where the lie really began its origin.

I am now put into a situation that it seems like I am cornered, with the expectations of my parents, my friends, and those who have given me the jewels of life advises for me to decide where i want to start this road in life, to make a difference in not only myself and those around me, but to the next generation.



Death is a wonderful thing.
Not because you go to a deep sleep
Or even if it was an accident & you weren’t ready
Nor is it an occasion to be mournful about
Death is a time where we have now passed on to the next lifetime, to meet ‘The Father’

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